Spiral Gardens Herb Bed


Community Farm
Provides land, materials, and information for volunteers to plant, and grow. It differs from other community gardens in that it is one big plot for everyone to plant and work on together. The organic food is distributed among the volunteers who grow it and given for free to people who need it.

Offers affordable food, herbs, and other beneficial plants. The nursery specializes in edible plants, culinary and medicinal herbs, California native and other habitat supporting plants (particularly butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds), and drought tolerant plants. Proceeds from the Nursery support all other Spiral Gardens projects.

Community education is woven into everything we do, including seasonal schedules of free workshops and classes, descriptive labeling of plants, hosting school field trips, mentoring local youth, hands-on learning for volunteers, and answering thousands of inquiries per year.

• Food Policy
We actively participate in collaborations and advocacy for public policy that promotes healthy food access.


Spiral Gardens Community Food Security Project is located on Sacramento and Oregon Streets in southwest Berkeley on two plots of public land, which were formerly a railroad right of way.

Spiral Gardens strives to model and enable a healthy alternative to our current food economy. For almost two decades we have been part of the ever-growing movement to recreate a resilient and local food system that ties people directly to their sources of sustenance, and is proof against economic fluctuations and the corporatization of food systems. 

Spiral Gardens’ mission is to improve community health and sustainability by providing access to nutritious and affordable produce, promoting a strong local food system, and encouraging productive use of urban soil.

Through our programs you can: 

• Grow food with us

• Grow food at your own home

• Purchase it at cost directly from local farms

• Participate in free education

• Contribute to shaping local food policy.