Spiral Gardens Herb Bed


Volunteering on the Farm happens on
clear weather Sundays 1-5pm

Baby ducks


The Spiral Gardens Community Farm differs from other community gardens in that it is one big plot for everyone to plant and work on together, really creating a communal endeavor. It is located opposite the Nursery entrance on Oregon Street, behind the storefronts on Sacramento Street.

The Farm is dedicated to food production, and in contrast to our Nursery and Produce Stand, this food is not for sale. The harvest is shared between the volunteer growers, low-income senior residents in the adjacent apartments, and other neighborhood folks who need it. While we are actively encouraging people in the immediate neighborhood to come work on the farm, anyone is welcome to volunteer, gain skills, and share in the harvest.

Community volunteers annually plant and harvest at least one ton of produce. We also test-plant many new varieties of food plants to determine their productivity in our area.