Spiral Gardens Herb Bed


We will be reopening for the 2024 Growing Season starting Saturday, February 10
From then on our weekly hours will be:
Fri, Sat, & Sun
11am to 5pm
(Fridays will increase to 6pm when they days grow longer)

Volunteering is still available on the Community Farm on
clear weather Sundays 1 - 5pm

We specialize in food plants, herbs, and other useful plants!!

At this time we do not have the capacity to offer a full plant availability list. Please come and browse our nursery tables to see what is currently growing!

The Spiral Gardens Nursery is a key part of our mission. The plants we provide further community sustainability by helping to alleviate hunger and food insecurity, promoting health and protect and promote a sustainable ecology through habitat.

By keeping our prices affordable and offering plant varieties that are appropriate for our climate, first time and previously unsuccessful gardeners have the opportunity to gain confidence and succeed.

All Nursery proceeds go to support all other Spiral Gardens projects

We specialize in plants and trees that are appropriate for the Bay Area climate.

These Include:

We strictly adhere to organic practices although we are not certified organic.